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Bitcoin payments accepted by London massage agency

Posted on Jan 6 by

LONDON – January 10th, 2014, SENSUOUS London, announces it now accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment for its Central London, luxury sensual massage experience. In what is likely the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, SENSUOUS are glad to be able to offer our clients the possibility of instant, final, secure and discreet payment for our massage service, without the expensive exchange rate and credit card fees or charge-backs of tradition payment service providers. Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies have a “clear potential for growth and could become a major means of payment for online transactions” a Bank of America analyst told CNBC. As the number of Bitcoin users continues to increase, merchants such as Adafruit, BTCTrip, Alliance Virtual Offices, and Clearly Canadian, see the value of working with BitPay to help expand their business. “BitPay is the gateway payment for business that want to accept bitcoin. It’s the main player to develop the merchant economy for bitcoin community,” said Martin Fernandez, CEO BTCTrip. Bitpay’s reputation as “the Paypal of Bitcoin payments” together with their enterprise eCommerce...


Top 5 essential sensuous massage oils

Posted on Oct 15 by

Here at Sensuous London we’d like to introduce you to our top 5 essential sensuous massage oils. Massage oil helps the therapist’s hands move freely and smoothly across the body, intensifying the experience while making the body pliable and supple. Base carrier oils can be combined with naturally relaxing essential fragrances or oils, who’s beneficial properties can be adsorbed by the skin. We’ve asked our massage angels for some of their favourites and come up with these 5 top recommendations that you can try out and experience for your-self. The most widely used oil by professional masseuses and our favourite, is natural sweet almond oil. Used in a variety of cosmetics, it’s lubricating, but not penetrating, which makes it an excellent massage oil and protectant. Almond oil is especially suited to dry, sensitive and irritated skin. It’s softening, revitalising and nourishing to the skin. Grapeseed oil is another widely used natural massage oil. An excellent alternative for those with nut allergies as it’s naturally non-allergenic, high in antioxidants, nourishing with Vitamins A, B, C and E. Light and odourless, suitable...

Erotic massage in London with Sensuous

Erotic massage in London by Sensuous, the only five star tantric massage experience. Relax and experience a Sensuous erotic massage in London, from one of our highly trained masseuses.

Imagine receiving the most relaxing, stress reliving erotic massage in London of your lifetime from the beautiful girl of your dreams. Choose from one of our talented Sensuous, international masseuses. Blond and elegant Eastern Europeans girls, petite Oriental girls or cute, brunette Mediterranean girls. We aim to create the most relaxing, bespoke, erotic massage in London for your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

We offer a high-end, executive, five star erotic massage in London service, for four and five star hotels, businesses and residencies in the Mayfair and Central London area. Tourists, business visitors and residents come to Sensuous for a uniquely Sensuous erotic massage in London.

Our incall and outcall professionally trained masseuses are available on a strictly appointment only basis by calling our friendly concierge 10am – 2am, 7 days a week.

Health benefits of Sensuous tantric massage in London

There are a number of ways in which your tantric massage in London can help your general health and well-being.

Massage has been shown to stimulate the release of endorphins alleviating stress and promoting relaxation.

High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes if it is left untreated. There have been studies done to show that a tantric massage in London can help lower blood pressure. Researchers believe that your tantric massage in London can help lower blood pressure by stimulating the vagus nerve, which helps regulate a number of important functions in the body, including blood pressure.

A tantric massage in London can help reduce the amount of cortisol in the body, known as the stress-hormone. Cortisol destroys immunity cells, which makes a person more prone to developing illnesses. Because a tantric massage in London helps reduce the amount of cortisol in the body, it can also boost the immune system.

Sensuous, nuru massage in London techniques

Sensuous masseuses use a stimulating mix of aromatherapy, candlelight, relaxing chill-out mixes and a blend of tradition and unconventional massage techniques to create the ultimate in nuru massage in London experiences.

Our masseuses blend well known massage techniques for the ultimate Sensuous, nuru massage in London. Relaxing Swedish massage techniques improve blood circulation, increase the oxygen level in the blood and helps to clean our body from toxins. Trigger point massage helps to relieve pain and headaches. Shiatsu massage alleviates stress and harmonizes both body and emotions. Deep tissue massage reduces pain and stiffness, realigning the skeletal system.

Why choose Sensuous for your nuru massage in London

Sensuous aim to offer you the ultimate in bespoke, five star, nuru massage in London. Call our friendly concierge to discuss your specific, personal requirements to help us pair you with your ideal Sensuous masseuse.

We are always eager to hear your experiences with one of our Sensuous masseuses so we can build and improve our, already, extensive experience and offer you what is, without doubt, the very best nuru massage in London.

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